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Good news for my beloved readers and  all people wherever you are, there is a good news i wanna tell you. One the famous club in Las Vegas have its little brother and it has just opened last month, yes OMNIA Bali. Now, this place is being popular in the island of God, Bali. Located in Uluwatu area, about 40 minutes to the south from Kuta area. As the one and only Dayclub concept in Bali, Omnia is successfully bringing the guest to the new experience of a beach club.   When you entering the gate, you will see first the reception desk with the warm greetings and friendly smile from the receptionist girls. After you walk a little bit more, you will see first a staircase as a restaurant area. Move forward a lil bit, after the restaurant you will see the beach club area with a great concept and view of Indian Ocean, you guys will be amazed with this place. In the Beach club area, you can choose the place you want to relax. There are some choices like, sun bed, cas


Nowadays, there is a lot of kind of labels, brands and product for hair out there. Me personally, i am always careful in choosing the products i am going to use for my hair because they are our asset.

Gatsby, as a popular brand for man's grooming product in Indonesia have launched their new brand styling pomade products, there are two: Perfect Rise and Urban Dry. Gatsby Styling Pomade always successfully take my attention. After they promoted these products, i went to my favorite convenience store immediately to get them as a variants collection of mine.

Well, here is the review.


Well, to be honest this one i always use like everyday, this is my favorite variant at the moment. Why? It's good for my hair, i love to make a little bit volume with my hair and it works very well. It's really easy to use, the texture is not sticky and also i love to have an edgy quiff style everyday for my hair. For its performance and strengths, i can say it's really good, it can hold my hair style from morning to evening. The smell, not really strong but smell so masculin so good for a man.


This is the second new variant of Gatsby Styling Pomade, Side Swept. I sometimes use it if i have a bad hair day. This product is good to make hair looks wet and to show the texture of our hair. Same like the previous variant, The scent is not really stong. The texture of this product is amazing, you won't see this product left in your hand after you use it to your hair. This can be your alternative product for your hair, if you just want to have a simple hair style.


Both of these new variants are goods, you can find a taste of a good styling pomade with a good price. Where to find? You guys can just go to convenience store close to your place for grab them and it cost around 30.000 rupiah. Anyway, i hope you guys enjoy my review, if you have something to ask, don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

For more information you can click this link Gatsby Indonesia.

"Behind the good hair, there must be a good product."


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